Washington Township

211 Route 31 North

Washington, NJ  07882

(908) 689-7200




Township of Washington
County of Warren - Office of Recycling
211 Route 31 North
Washington, NJ

Peter deBoer Phone (908) 689-7204     
Suzanne Heerwagen Phone (908) 689-7203     
Recycling Coordinator Fax (908) 689-9234


Click here  for Vegetative Waste Disposal Info and Schedule

Click here  for a Guide to Recycling at the Convenience and Recycling Center

Click here for a Guide to Recycling Electronics and Metal

Special Update on Non-Acceptable Items - We can no longer accept CRT Monitors & TV's.  Click here for more information.

Click here regarding SustainAbilities Electronics Recycling, including CRT Monitors & TV's

Warren County Landfill and Recycling (PCFAWC)

Resident Information from the Warren County Landfill and Convenience Center located at 500 Mt. Pisgah Avenue in Oxford.

A Guide To  Recycling In Washington Township at the Drop Off Center

Where:  The Washington Township Municipal Garage, Port Colden, 
              (located behind the Port Colden School).

When:    The Second Saturday of each month; from 9:00 am  - 3:00 pm 

How:       Materials brought to the center do not have to be separated:

Clear, Brown, Green and Blue Glass - 
    Clear, brown, green, and blue glass do not have to be separated. Please remove all metal caps and rings.
Only glass bottles and jars are accepted.

Aluminum Cans - 
    Clean and flatten; a magnet doesn't stick to them; foil and pie pans are not accepted.

Tin And Bi-medal Cans -  
    Clean, remove labels, remove lids and bottoms and flatten; a magnet will stick to these cans; seamless bottom cans can be flattened by stepping on the side, then the bottom.

Empty Aerosol Cans - 
    No pesticide cans. (Please put in a separate clear plastic bag).

    Must be bundled and tied, no plastic or paper bags.

Pet Plastic Bottles - 
    (Soda Bottles: #1  Plastic) - Clean, remove caps and rings, flatten.

Clear HDPE Plastic  Bottles 
    (Milk and water jugs:  #2 Plastic) - Clean, remove caps and rings, flatten. 

Colored HDPE Plastic Bottles - 
    (Detergent & other bottles:  #2 Plastic ) Clean, remove caps and rings, 
    flatten. These have a dull finish.

Clear or Colored PVC Plastic Bottles - 
(Bottles only, various  products: #3 Plastic) - 
    Clean, remove caps and rings, flatten. These all have a very shiny finish.  
    Clear PVC makes a white line when creased.

Clear or Colored Polypropylene Plastic - 
    (Bottles only, various products: #5 Plastic) - Clean, remove caps and rings, flatten.

Household Batteries - 
    (All kinds) - Place in plastic baggies;  keep dry and away from children. 
    Rechargeable appliances should be brought to the hazardous waste cleanup day (they have a battery inside).

Corrugated Cardboard - 
Corrugated Cardboard (top & bottom outside layer and an inside waffle layer – flatten, bundle & tie with twine.

                 NO containers that contain motor oil, pesticides or hazardous chemicals will be accepted. 

                                             These  are the only materials  handled at the recycling center