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Local Registration Form

Dear Local Registrant; 

In an effort to help create a safer environment in Washington Township, the Township Committee has passed a local Ordinance #89-10.  The Bureau of Fire Prevention is charged with enforcing this ordinance.  This ordinance has been on the books since 1989, and many of you will recognize registration forms from previous years, we are aware that for others this ordinance is new. Therefore, we will work with each of you to get through this important life safety issue with as few problems as possible. 

What is Ordinance #89-10?  It is basically an extension of the State Uniform Fire Safety Act.  The purpose of the State Uniform Fire Safety Act is to ensure that "All areas of the state are protected by a uniform, minimum fire safety code which will protect the lives and property of the state's citizens."

Ordinance #89-10 extends the coverage of the State Fire Safety Act to include all buildings in the Township except owner occupied one and two family dwellings. Under this ordinance your building will be registered and inspected by the Bureau of Fire Prevention.  Our Bureau of Fire Prevention is staffed by specially trained and licensed members of the Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department.  Think of it as an opportunity for you to get some sound advice and seriously think about how you can make your building more fire safe.  This process will also lead to a more professional and safer response to fire emergencies in your building, as the local fire department is kept apprised of any special problems your property may pose.  I hope this gives you more insight on what ordinance #89-10 is about. Remember the key to fire safety is fire prevention. 

To obtain a Local Registration Form, contact Ed Kiley of Fire District #1 at 908.878.3612