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smoke detector inspection and certification

The State of New Jersey requires that you obtain a Certificate of Smoke Detector Compliance in order to sell, rent or lease a home. It is the responsibility of the owner/seller to get this certification. In Washington Township our part time Fire Inspector's conduct these smoke detector inspections. Please call 908.878.3612 and leave a message with your Name and Phone number that you may be reached in the evening. The Inspector will call you back and set up a mutually convenient time to conduct the inspection. There is a fee of $50.00 per inspection payable to Washington Township. At the time of the inspection the Inspector will require the Lot and Block number. The Certificate is good for Six (6) months from the date of issue. Remember that our Inspectors are part time and require at least two to three weeks notice.

Houses Built prior to 1977 did not have any original smoke detector requirements. If there were no smoke detector upgrades, one smoke detector on each level is required.  The smoke detector can be battery operated and not interconnected.

A House Built Under the 1978 or 1981 Code was originally built with one electric smoke detector on the sleeping and basement level. These were not interconnected. To pass a smoke detector certification, both the original smoke detectors must be working and an additional smoke detector must be added if there is a level that is not equipped with a smoke detector. This additional smoke detector may be battery operated. 

A House Built Under The 1984 Through the 1992 Code was originally built with an electric powered smoke detector on every level. This same like and kind of detector must be working properly to pass a smoke detector certification. 

All Houses Built Under the 1993 Code which we are presently using come with an electric powered smoke detector on every level, in the vicinity of every sleeping area (hallway), and in every bedroom. They are all interconnected so that the activation of one sounds all the alarms, and that all have battery back up. This system must be in proper working order to receive a smoke detector certificate. 

Please test your smoke detectors prior to the inspection to save costly re-inspection.